Memorial Day Weekend at White Ranch Conservation Area in Southern Missouri
   May 2004
Squirrel Hunting with Tim "Jack Salmon" Weaver and John "Yukon" Rabon
                    (Tim gets credit for taking the nice pictures.)
Below  - Tim's Deluxe Squirrel Dog, Betty, putting on a show.
I'm in the background, probably wondering where my potlickers are :)
       Below  - Hunter, another fine Squirrel dog Tim owns.
(I think she's trying to tell Yukon, "Hey, the squirrel's over here!"
       Below  - Yukon's Deluxe Squirrel Dog,  Wild Rocket,  "hammering on a tree"
       Below  - My Amos and Tim's Betty after a squirrel that jumped out of snag,                   ran down through the woods, went up this tree, and made it to a hole.
       Below  - Tim's Betty again - What a nice squirrel dog!

       Below  - John's Wild Rocket Telling on another Squirrel
            Below  - My "Long-Tailed" Kemmer, Buttermilk, Treeing.
(I really like this boy. He's just a laid-back, great-minding, reliable tree dog.)
Below  - Drinking water was hard to find in the woods.
But the dogs found this hole in a tree that was full of water.
Amos is taking his turn, while Hunter say's "Save me another drink"
Yukon is sitting on my tailgate, wondering what's taking me so long cooking breakfast :)

Me, Wondering if I should give Amos or Buttermilk Loyd McIntire's Breakfast?
(He decided to go fishing - He must have less dog-power than me :)