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       Good Hunting   --  Dennis Clay Smith
This page was last updated on: June 27, 2008
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Riverbottom Amos - OMCBA - KSBA - UKC - NKC  - 1 Year Old
Amos - 11 Months Old
Below, Cowboy's Salley-Sue, aka "Susie", a female I bought as a pup from Chris Boone. On the right is my friend's , Dale Grant, Kemmer/Stephens cross - Taz.
Below - Amos talking to a coon...
Below, left to right, My Good Friend Butch Mack and his good feist Bud,
10 squirrels we took down in the Lousiana bottoms, and me and Amos..
The squirrels were really moving and the dogs did a great job!
This was a hunt I'll always remember! - 12/11/03
below - Amos talking to a Squirrel ...
Below, Two of my best buddies - Billy "Ropetail" Ainsworth  and Butch Mack  Takin' a break while Squirrel Hunting behind the World Famous "Goat Ranch" Magnolia, Arkansas -- December 2003