Coon Huntin' 2003/2004 Season
Here's some Pics of  "Training Camp" before the "Season Opener"
Cricket and Amos - October 2003
Below - Amos - same tree, different angle   - October 2003
Above and Below - Amos - "on the wood"  - October 2003
Below - Cricket  and Amos - with coons they treed on 11/11/03 about 3am (after I got off work)
Below -  Amos  with 3 more coons he and Cricket treed that evening (11/11/03)
Below -  The hides from opening day - There should be another hanging up, but the "Killers" tore it up too bad  -- and my skinning skills didn't help matters (11/12/03)
My friend Dale Grant and his son (Bob) and grandson (Zack) and I went out on 11/15. Below is Dale's fine Kemmer, Suki (on left) and Amos "On the wood".
Suki is Cricket's mother.
We had plenty of excitement on this hunt.  Zack knocked out a good-sized boar coon who showed the young dogs that he wasn't going down without a fight. After all 3 dogs got a feel of his sharp teeth under the tree, the coon ran out in a picked corn field where the standoff continued. The dogs surrounded the coon until they got up the nerve to fight him again. The next four pics are part of the standoff. 
(Above, Left to Right) Cricket, Amos and Suki can't decide how to attack this Boar who has assumed the "fighting position", with all four feet ready to rake somebody's face.
Above- Amos grabbed the coon by  the "caboose" and got a face full of claws for his efforts. 
Above - Amos and the coon appear to be "trash-talking" each other, while Suki and Cricket listen in :) 
Above - Suki takes a quick bite while Amos and the coon show each other their "Dental Work" 
Below - Dale and Zack and Cricket and Amos with our night's catch...
Below (sneaking in a squirrel hunting pic) Amos is UP on the wood at the March 6th, 2004 UKC competition hunt at Weldon Springs, MO
Next two pics - I went out on Thanksgiving day morning about 2am and Amos and Cricket treed these coons.
Above and below - Amos and I pose with our catch :)
Below - Amos standing in belly-deep water as he bawls up at a tree that's leaning over a slough - 12/22/03
Below - Amos "hammering" on a coon he treed - 12/22/03
Below - Amos with a couple coons he treed - 12/22/03